Legal Translation Systems, located in the Miami area, is an expert in translating computer science syllabus/course outlines for graduates who are in need of validating their professional credentials or for validation of credits for further U.S. studies. Because we have worked closely with validation agencies over decades we know exactly what the evaluators are looking for, so you save thousands of dollars and time. We do all work inhouse, so you save even more, LTS traces its roots back to 1982.

Syllabus are fairly long, although some Universities in other countries have now adopted a more streamlined syllabus format, that closely resembles the U.S. syllabus.

Legal Translation Systems translates Computer Science syllabus from

  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Italian

    Send your computer science syllabus PDF using the form below and we will carefully calculate the charges and delivery. Or else, follow the instructions below the form.

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If you have any questions, you may call or write us. Our business hours are from Mondays through Fridays, 10 AM to 6 PM (EST).

Please note that because Syllabus are long documents, it takes a few hours to get your quote. It is worth the wait!! You will save from hundreds to thousands of dollars. 


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If you are local, you may come personally to our office and drop off the course outline for calculation. Please note that unlike other companies, we do not provide a "per page" price. Not all material on course outlines requires translation, so we need to physically see your document to make the calculation. Companies that quote you "per page prices" will invariably charge a lot more than we do. Doing the work with us can save you as much as 50%. We also do the work in-house. 

If you are not local, as most of our clients are not, you may send a PDF of the Business Administration syllabus/course outline to email info@legaltranslationsystems.com. Please, send at most 5 PDFS (we prefer a single PDF). Please refrain from sending hundreds of graphic files or photographs. This makes pricing and handling very difficult. In the unlikely event you have the document in Word format, you may send it that way. You may also place the files on the cloud, such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

You may also send paper copies of the course outlines by mail. Please note that these will only be returned if proper postage has been paid for (in the event the work is not done with us)

Once we get your document, we will provide you a quote, sometimes on the same day, at the most, the next business day. You are expected to pay for the service in advance, by credit card, debit card, paypal or cash. If you wish to pay by wire, there is a fee of US$ 25.00.

Please note that due to the long nature of these documents, and our work load, translation of course outlines take at least two weeks to be completed, unless the syllabus is in a very simplified form. Our work is accepted by Professional Credential Agencies all over the USA, in fact some refer clients to us.

We do certified translations of Syllabus/Course Outlines for Bachelor, Master and Doctorate levels.


  • Experience - since 1982
  • Experience doing syllabus translations - hundreds done
  • Human translation
  • Full access to translator - input welcomed
  • Save $$$ - we only translate what is necessary
  • Strong familiarization with subject matter




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